Corporate Social Responsibility

We contribute to a more sustainable world

Finsolutia and staff are committed to implement market best practices, promoting social and environmental sustainability. We are constantly looking for alternatives for  responsible management of our resources, in order to contribute to a more sustainable world, respecting the ecosystem.

Corporate Social Responsibility is part of our management model as a way of taking action in the business environment that integrates our entire organization and stakeholders.

Finsolutia is a member of the Global Compact and confirms its commitment to work within the framework defined by the 10 Principles that support this Pact.

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commited to emplyees


Committed to Employees

Finsolutia expresses its commitment to respect the fundamental rights of people, as well as labor rights, rejecting any labor discrimination as part of its initiatives to promote the labor principles of the UN Global Compact and guarantees an environment free of harassment and equal opportunities in the access to work and professional promotion.


Equality and non-discrimination Policy


Social Benefits

Anti-harassment Policy


Committed to the Environment

Finsolutia actively promotes sustainability as fundamental part of our corporate strategy. That is why Finsolutia actively promotes social and environmental responsibility in our offices.

Separation of waste and recycling

E-waste recycling

Environmental Policy

commited the environment
commited to society

Human Rights

Commitment to Society

Finsolutia has explicitly committed itself to respecting and supporting human rights, which are those rights that every person has and are intimately aligned with the Company's values, highlighting the right to equality and non-discrimination and all those recognized in the Human Rights International Charter. To do this, Finsolutia has the appropriate policies and processes to prevent impacts and respond appropriately if necessary.


Ethics and Integrity

Our Code of Conduct requires a commitment to ethics and integrity in everything we do as a company. We encourage all our employees and partners to embrace the values and standards of our code.

Additionally, Finsolutia has Compliance Policies such as a Criminal Compliance Policy, an Anti-Corruption Policy and Conflict of Interest Management Policy whose breaches can be reported through an Ethical Channel. 

Finsolutia has at the disposal of all its administrators, directors and employees of all the companies that are part of the group, as well as its clients, suppliers, brokers and other third parties, a channel through which they can communicate irregularities and any other conduct or behaviors contrary to the law or its Code of Conduct. 

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