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Finsolutia Ecosystem

With proven experience in different businesses in the credit and real estate markets, Finsolutia is currently present throughout the entire value chain of these assets, with a strong technological footprint in valuation, management and origination.

Finsolutia Ecosystem

finsolutia - The Tech-Driven Servicing Platform

A loan & Real Estate management company, that provides its clients end-to-end services in loan origination, the management and disposal of loans & real estate assets* through innovative business processes & disruptive proprietary technology

fscapital - Investment Management

Best in class Investment Management platform with vast experience in credit & real estate investment markets with a long term view to act as a trusted local partner to capital providers

izilend - Bridge Lending

Fast and customized solutions to finance real estate back loans in Spain (bridge financing)

twinkloo - The Mortgage Broker

Regulated consumer credit intermediary company fully approved to operate in Spain and Portugal, dedicated to providing mortgage products to home buyers and debt consolidation products

nolon - The Realtor

The brand used by Finsolutia for real estate brokering services, it completes the value proposition, ensuring presence across the whole Real Estate asset value chain

A Leading Tech-Driven Servicer

Bringing solutions to complex transactions

Finsolutia is a leading Tech-Driven Servicer in Iberia, offering independent loan and Real Estate management services through innovative business processes and disruptive proprietary technology. It was the first to have been rated successfully by Standard & Poor´s (S&P) for 5 consecutive years in Spain and the only rated in Portugal, with an overall “Above Average” rating as Special Servicer of Residential Mortgages.

Our independence, extensive market experience and sound track record, permits us to provide unbiased advice that aligns with our clients’ business strategies, range of risk appetites and return requirements.

We have offices in Lisbon and Madrid, with over 240 highly qualified and experienced professionals with EUR c.4,5B AuM. Our vision from the beginning was to provide the market with superior service and solutions through the combination of a world-class team and innovative technologies.

Our expertise in loan and real estate management enables us to identify, analyse, advise and provide active management services on an array of heterogeneous portfolios rapidly and diligently.

Our management services for financial and real estate assets, include among others: Investment Advisory, Master Servicing, Loan Origination, Primary Servicing, Special Servicing, REO Management, Backup Servicing and Commercial Real Estate Services.

We take pride in placing strong focus on compliance, data protection and security, safeguarding stakeholders’ interests, and mitigating operational and reputational risks.


15 years of experience and a culture deeply rooted in technology

Finsolutia has established itself as a reference in the Iberian Peninsula for tech-driven services, creating complementary business units always supported by proprietary technology.


Technological DNA

From the beginning, a company that looked for technology as a key investment, approaching the management of its operation as a factor-based activity in processes, in which technology would be a key to success.


The technology platform is an in-house developed tool that is constantly evolving to meet industry demand, primarily based on anticipating market trends and obtaining feedback from investors, asset managers and suppliers.


Service provider with extensive experience in asset management and reference partner of a Portuguese bank in the mortgage sector.

Mission, vision, values, corporate governance

Committed to Ethics

Finsolutia ensures that all its employees and business entities operate with the highest ethical and professional standards.

Focus on the client image
Focus on the client

"The mission of the Finsolutia Group is to serve the client in an innovative, profitable and transparent manner, with a true commitment to quality in all its services, where the client is most important asset."

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Result Driven

"Our focus is always on the quality of the end results and complying with the agreed upon deadlines."

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"Strive for excellence and transparency in all of our endeavors."

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"Our organization is built on a flat management structure, which fosters teamwork, entrepreneurship and meritocracy. This in turn allows us to attract, retain and motivate highly talented professionals."

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Ethical responsibility

"Never use recovery methods that are oppressive and against our ethical responsibility."


"Treating customers fairly and with respect."

Proprietary Benefits

Through Finsolutia our clients gain

  • Distinct advisory expertise in the acquisition and sale of credit and real estate assets or portfolios, including due diligence, pricing, boarding and execution.
  • Exceptional transaction execution capability, minimizing execution risks, boarding risks and management costs.
  • Management tools that promote effective information flow, resulting in quick decision making and therefore securing value drivers that can be captured transversely.
  • A state of the art, web-based asset management platform, developed in-house following best industry practices. This platform, alongside our procedures, allows for all relevant stakeholders to engage via a single platform in a transparent and effective manner.
  • Our capacity to easily manage additional volume, based on a scalable platform, without compromising service quality.